Wildlife conservation has become an extremely important practice due to the negative effects of human activity on wildlife. We are constantly destroying their homes to take land for development and farming. We are the cause of deforestation, which is a huge problem for endangered species, as animals are pushed away from their natural habitat. Additionally, some species are targeted by hunters and poachers, a crucial point for many animals species survival. Every single animal plays a vital role in our ecosystem, and biodiversity is essential for maintaining its balance. It is essential to take actions to protect wildlife from extinction as the disappearance of one species can influence the survival of several others.

From the little things, which by the way have a great importance, like reducing your impact on the natural environment, to the direct action on the field by volunteering in a rehabilitation center, there’s really much you can do to help. There are so many ways you can contribute: through donations, fundraising, online shopping, organizing events, etc. Whatever your choice will be, it will have a significant impact, increasing the chances for conservation to success and reach its goals.

On my side, I try to give my small contribute everytime I can. Through my photography I would like to be able to raise people's awareness on the importance and the fragility of nature and wildlife around us. I would like to show them the beauty of our Earth, to inspire them to estabilsh a deep connection with nature in order to feel part of that, and to educate them to take action to preserve our planet and save the wildlife. That's why I joined and support Wild&Free - Rehabilitation and Release.

Orangutan on a tree holding out a hand

I think that the “human side” is a very important factor; a charity is an organization, and every organization is made by people. It is fundamental to know who’s working behind the organization to be sure that donations are used for concrete projects and purposes. That’s why I chose Wild & Free – Rehabilitation and Release, a UK based charity that supports the rehabilitation and reintroduction of rescued wild animals into their natural habitats. I personally know the founder and I was impressed by her knowledge on wildlife conservation (thanks to her experience on the field), by her determination and of course, maybe the most important thing, by the passion and the effort she puts in what she’s doing. Wild & Free is committed in raising awareness to the public about the threats faced by wild animals, it’s working on different projects across the world and most important, it’s bringing back results! I welcome you to explore its website to find out more about its activities, projects and how to get involved, as well as many useful information about wildlife conservation. If you really want to make the difference, Wild & Free – Rehabilitation and Release is the right choice!


Everyone can make a significant difference in saving the wildlife by making a donation to Wild & Free. 100% of the donations will be used for the project you donated for and you will always be updated on its status to know how precious your contribute has been. Every little amount helps a lot!

Wild & Free merchandise is now available! T-shirts, hoodies, prints and other gadgets, there's a lot of great material to choose from. That's the best way to give a concrete help for wildlife conservation while enjoying wearing cool stuff or decorating your house or office with beautiful prints.

Fundraising is a great way to support Wild & Free and to help saving the wildlife. Plus, it can also be funny! There are plenty of options, from organizing events, joining races or starting a fundraise on your Facebook page. Get some inspiration by checking what other people did for Wild & Free!

Discover all the Wild & Free projects! Wild & Free is currently supporting several projects all around the world and it's regularly working on the field to assure the best success for its work. Immerse yourself into the world of conservation and help Wild & Free to save our wildlife.



Rehabilitation and Release

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